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Attractive cities: successes and conflicts

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40 hours
July 10th - 21st, 2017
9.00h-14.00h & 16.00h-17.30h
Barcelona - UB Historic Building
The 3rd Edition of the Summer School ‘Attractive Cities: Successes and Conflicts’ will provide a critical analysis about urban attractiveness from different perspectives: Economics, Sociology, Urban Planning and Cultural Management. Key issues that will be examined are: location theories, cultural capitals, mobility, housing, night economy, tourism and citizenship, among others. The School will deal with different types of urban populations and services, different models of policies and a wide range of governance structures. Internationally well-known experts from University of Barcelona and University of Bicocca, Milan, will share their knowledge and views with the students.
The Summer School will take place in two cities; the first week in Milan and the second in Barcelona. Not only lectures but also visits and social events will conform the contents of the School.
The students will learn about the Janus-faced urban attractiveness in two spatial contexts with different attributes and trajectories. Milan and Barcelona are currently at the top positions in the urban ranking of popularity and success. However, side effects are not neutral.


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