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Outcast Barcelona: Urban, Social and Cultural Expressions of Marginalization and Resistance

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45 hours
July 10th - 28th, 2017
Barcelona - UB Historic Building
Classroom available soon
The course will focus on the less-known aspects of Contemporay Barcelona: the outcast world of the town and those who didn’t share the social and cultural benefits of the city’s economic thrive but most of the times served as fodder of its system of production. Urban studies or history courses used to centre on urban designers and policy makers’ perspective, being those who create the dominant urban and cultural discourse.
The course proposes a critical analysis of urban phenomena in order to understand ther role carried out by the so-called subaltern groups: lower classes, casual labour, migrants, marginal population, but especially the interaction in the urban sphere of the two extreme poles of the industrial and post-industrial society (rulers and outcasts) taking Barcelona (from the end of 19th century to the present days) as case study.
Barcelona, with its early industrialization, its busy port and its proximity to France has been historically a mixed town. Thousands of radical workers, migrants, floating population in the harbour area and innovative ideas spread from Europe had nurtured the city life and its character. Notwithstanding, this other history of the city has been hardly acepted as relevant by the making of Barcelona’s official history, although it is impossible to understand its wordly renowned dynamism and creativity without considering the underground city.

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